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With almost 50 years of a broad range of property experience, the team at Nationwide Property Brokers (NPB) bring a great deal of expertise and passion to any property sales and marketing campaign, which can often mean the difference between success or stress for those involved.

Over time we have developed and established proven, trusted professional networks and built an extensive National database of property centric buyers and ongoing clients. Access to these professional networks, ongoing clients, plus experience and trust have helped us to achieve fantastic sales results for individual property owners right through to providing platform funding and contracts to allow many new property projects to proceed.   

NPB provides a "one stop" solution for all property sales and marketing needs, providing the ability for any property owner, developer and project managers to deal with one professional group rather than many potential sales and marketing teams is attractive and can save time, confusion and help achieve great sales results by reaching out to a large and diverse pool of buyers.    

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Property in Port Macquarie - $320,000

Under Contract

Port Macquarie

234 (Lot 929) The Ruins Way


Ailsa Ross: 0447 020 742

Property in Port Macquarie - $309,000

Under Offer

Port Macquarie

236 (Lot 928) The Ruins Way


Ailsa Ross: 0447 020 742

Property in Port Macquarie - $289,000

Port Macquarie

227 (Lot 918) The Ruins Way


Ailsa Ross: 0447 020 742